Hardwood Flooring

Nothing brings out the natural beauty of your home like hardwood flooring. Rustic Hardwood Flooring, LLC offers a vast selection of affordable hardwood floors from major manufacturers.  We offer brands that are designed to always look beautiful in your home and withstand every day wear and tear.


Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable floor covering options available. Hardwood flooring options can last for decades without fading or scratching. Natural hardwood flooring can be resurfaced after a number of years, extending the life of your beautiful hardwood floors for decades more.


Deciding on Hardwood Flooring Choices
Many hardwood species have bold, characteristic textures and patterns. Different species of wood can have many different shades between them. Darker wood floors are more traditional and warm, while lighter hues showcase a more casual look.  Consumers are no longer limited to selections of varying shades of brown only.


Plank size and finish
The plank size and finish of any hardwood floor will create varying looks to complement a room’s desired style. Wider planks visually open up a small space and can create a more spacious visual, making them an excellent option for living rooms, master bedrooms, or any section of the home. While there is still a strong market for more traditional narrower planks, the wide-plank trend seems to be on the rise.


High or low gloss
While many traditional high-gloss wood flooring options continue to be in demand, low-gloss floors offer several benefits. Woods with low-luster hide small scratches and dents better than higher-gloss flooring – a real plus for pet owners and those with small children. Low-gloss flooring also does a better job at masking dust and buildup from footprints, making it much easier to maintain and clean and a perfect option for high-traffic areas. But one of the biggest appeals of low-gloss flooring is that it offers a more authentic wood look, often highlighting the color and texture of the wood more effectively than a high-shine finish


You’ll have options such as domestic or tropical hardwood or engineered wood. The experts at Rustic Hardwood Flooring, LLC will help you select the perfect flooring. Whether you’re seeking the warm, rustic look or a modern, fine-grained floor, we’ll help you select the most beautiful hardwood floor that will never lose its character or go out of style.


While there’s much to consider in creating the desired look, style and long-term performance of your floors, know that you’ll find a beautiful hardwood floor that’s made affordable at Rustic Hardwood Flooring, LLC.